Wednesday, May 30, 2012

From number 15 - 12!!!

Well On May 4th we were told that we were number 15 on the waiting list and that our Dossier had been sent to the DRC!!!!!! So excited yes!!!  But hopeing this goes by quickly!! I am not patient so I know this will be a challenge in its self for me!!
 But above all things I am just so happy I am married to a man that has listend to Gods voice in calling us to adopt!! I am thankful for my family in being subportive and looking forward to all God has for us !!

So TODAY I was told we are now number 12 with one family that is currently on hold so we could actually be number 11!! They have had 2 more referrals for one family and another Referral for another family that already has one referral and was waiting on there second!! So it seems to be getting closer for us but I am hoping this summer flys by and by October we have a referral!! I would love that to be my birthday present especially cause I will be turnung the BIG 30!!! Dont get me wrong I would love a referral way before that but I am trying to not get my hopes way too high!! But I do have a mighty God so anything is possible!!!

My husband Jordan and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary and had a wonderful day of shopping and a great dinner to end with!! I am one lucky girl!! At the end of July we will be celebrating our twins 4th birthday!!! I cant believe it has been 4 years since I was laying in the hospital for those 2 months!! Worth every second!!  Looking forward to updating with a closer number next time!! Our agency told me that they dont notify you when you move up a number but that we can always check in!!! Weich I will be doing quite often this summer!!!!!!!! Hope you have a blessed day !!

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