Wednesday, May 30, 2012

From number 15 - 12!!!

Well On May 4th we were told that we were number 15 on the waiting list and that our Dossier had been sent to the DRC!!!!!! So excited yes!!!  But hopeing this goes by quickly!! I am not patient so I know this will be a challenge in its self for me!!
 But above all things I am just so happy I am married to a man that has listend to Gods voice in calling us to adopt!! I am thankful for my family in being subportive and looking forward to all God has for us !!

So TODAY I was told we are now number 12 with one family that is currently on hold so we could actually be number 11!! They have had 2 more referrals for one family and another Referral for another family that already has one referral and was waiting on there second!! So it seems to be getting closer for us but I am hoping this summer flys by and by October we have a referral!! I would love that to be my birthday present especially cause I will be turnung the BIG 30!!! Dont get me wrong I would love a referral way before that but I am trying to not get my hopes way too high!! But I do have a mighty God so anything is possible!!!

My husband Jordan and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary and had a wonderful day of shopping and a great dinner to end with!! I am one lucky girl!! At the end of July we will be celebrating our twins 4th birthday!!! I cant believe it has been 4 years since I was laying in the hospital for those 2 months!! Worth every second!!  Looking forward to updating with a closer number next time!! Our agency told me that they dont notify you when you move up a number but that we can always check in!!! Weich I will be doing quite often this summer!!!!!!!! Hope you have a blessed day !!

Monday, April 30, 2012

USCIS Finger prints Check!! DMV Check!

So last Monday Jordan and I went to the USCIS office in downtown Santa Ana and did our finger prints! So when we get there we have to show ID and the DMV messed up on my last name so they almost didnt let me do the finger printing. Luckily I keep my old License with me incase of this problem. The lady finaly excepted my ID and off I went to get my finger prints and another step closer to my baby!! So after that ordeal I realized I needed to get my License fixed ASAP so it doesnt set us back at all with our timeline. So I got an appointment for that Thursday and went to the DMV with both my kids!! Yes fun times!! They actually did very good until the very end!! I had Kalia on my IPhone and Makai had the IPAD !! It was awesome they listend and followed me and sat and played the whole time! Well until Kalia handed me my phone right before they made me take my photo again and right when I took my photo I see at the cornor of my eye Kalia ontop of Makai trying to take the IPAD away. They were in a Tug of War and the IPAD was the rope LOL!!! I quickly pulled them appart and confinscated the IPAD and thats when the real Water works and tantrum came from the both of them. Makai stomping his feet Kalia crying for her "MY PAD" and me putting the IPAD in my purse and taking the both by the hand in humiliation and focused on the door out of there!! We were quite the intertanement for the people in line!! Well I made sure all the people in the DMV herd me say " This is why you never get to play with the IPAD" "You act like this and you wont get it back ever" > You know you want everyone to know you have contrl over your kids and that you dicipline bad behavore. Even though it was pretty obvious I  was in over my head LOL. But we got to the car and things settled down!!

 Last week and for a few weeks now we have been so busy! Mainly me taking the kids out during the week to do fun things!! This week will be no different!! Today is cleaning day wich I like and more of a relaxing day!! I know your thinking how is cleaning relaxing?? Well thats the wierd thing it relaxes me!! Well once I am finished I am relaxed!! I love a clean house and order to things!! It makes me feel so much better and ready to do things. Tuesday is our swim lessons and donuts day!!! Wenesday is SEA WORLD!!! So excited for this one!!! We try to take them every year but this is the age they really start to remember things! We are going with my family and all there cousins so they will have lots of fun! Thursday we are going swimming at my in -laws to swim with tthere cousins !! Thursday night we and Friday night we have our ADOPTION SUMMIT we are soooo excited about !!! Francis Chan and Steven Curtis Chapman will be Speeking!!  This weekend we got Birthday Parties!!! I am tierd just thinking about it but I know it will all be lots of fun and good memories for us with the kids!! But I hope we hear soon that our Dossier will be ready to be sent to the Congo!!! And Praying for our USCIS letter of Approval to come this week in the mail!!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Dossier sent!!

  • OK it feels like it has been months and months but really it hasn't been even 2 months since we started the adoption process and we got our Dossier out Finally!!Tuesday night Jordan mailed our Dossier to our agency and it arrived Thursday!! We payed our Dossier fee Friday morning an hopefully by Monday it will go out to be certified by the State and government. This can take 3-4 weeks before it is ready to be sent to the DR Congo. I have prayed for years about adopting and always prayed for Gods timing on starting the process and for a quick process! I have done my part with paper work and now it is out of my hands and in the hands of our agency ,government and DRC government. But I rest in knowing it is ultimately in GODS hands and that's the best place to leave it!! I knew God wanted to teach me things during this time and this whole process. I guess I don't do well at patients cause I feel I need to ask for it all the time and God tends to teach me about it often. I wish I would just get it already cause I am in patient learning it LOL!  But I know God loves me, and always has the best for me and my family in mind! I am just glad to be done with the Dossier and knowing I am just a little closer to our baby!!!

Friday, March 30, 2012


 Ok well a couple new things have happend!! We have been getting all the papers lined up for our Dossier to be finished and waiting for our Notary to get back from vacation since Jordan for got to tell me she was leaving I couldn't get to her before she left. But God knew the timing and I actually needed this extra week for a couple things I didnt expect to happen.  Last night we went to my parents for dinner and talking with our friend Yanha found out that she is a Notary and told me she would do it after church on Sunday!! So we get to send our Dossier out Monday morrning!!! Yesterday we got to send out our USCIS form so that willl be getting processed and when that is done (hopefully soon!!) we can have everything finalized and put together and get everything out to the DRC this month and get on the waiting list already!! I know realisticly its only been less than two months to have got everything done already but thats how I do things I dont like alot of down time I like to get focused and get it all finished and be done with it.
 God has also done some awesome things in our youth group as well and its so exciting to see the kids get to know eachother and all of us leaders and see them grow! We are taking them all to the Worship Concert tonight at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa to hear Phil Whickam play! Praying the holy Spirit moves in each of there hearts and that we are all blessed by it!
 Jordans been working really hard and the Lord has been blessing him for it so we are very thankful for that as well!!
 We are getting closer and closer to getting our baby and just so excited for it!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My passport Came last Thursday!! Saturday we recieved our rough draft Home study Report!! And we are just waiting for our Agency to review it and approve it so it can get finalized!! Then we can send our USCIS Form off in the mail and that just means we are a few steps closer to our baby!! I have never minded filling out papers or filing or organizing things, but knowing every paper I fill out or send or review just gets me more excited about this amazing thing God is doing in our Family and in each of our hearts! Jordan told me Sunday night that he can now invision our little baby with our family. We have talked about this countless times ouver the past 8 years but I see God really ignighting the fire in his heart!! I love watchuing God work in the hearts of people regarding everything but especiallty regarding adoption!! To me its first nature to me but its not like that with everyone and thats fine I know God calls us to all do different things but he DOES call us ALL to Protect and take care of WIDOWS AND ORPHANS!  KNowing God is knowing his heart and loving the way HE LOVES!! My favorite saying is to have "FAITH LIKE A CHILD AND TO LOVE LIKE JESUS!!" This has stuck with me for I dont even know how many years. But I always wanted to build a ministry for Orphans using this! My ministry is adopting a baby from DR CONGO! Its helping raise money for otheres like my husband and I who want to adopt but dont have all the funds to do it. I hope I can do something that will make a differance the way I want to make a differance.  Next on the to do list is Finalizing our Home study and getting our USCIS sent out!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Home Study check---
 Ok well I haven't had a chance to update at all and I wish it was more exciting news but, we had our last appointment with our social worker and should be getting our home study rough draft any day now. We got our first mailer out Yeah!! And I hope in the next week we will be getting our second mailer out!!  I know God is always teaching me patience amongst other things but it seems like it gets harder for me not easier. God keeps showing me He is in control and that He is faithful!! I know this cause I have seen it many times before in my life. I am a little frustrated cause I realized that my passport was in my maiden name( For our Honeymoon) and that I needed to get a new one ASAP before I could finish most of our paper work for our Dossier. We have everything pretty much finished and are waiting for my passport to come so I have the info I need to finish filling out the papers. I also found out the person we were planning on using for our Notary is not renewing there license in June and I think who ever we use needs to have a license that wont expire for at least a year. So we thought we would be saving money on having a close friend do it but looks like we wont be. But I know God knew that ahead of time and He has it all planned out even if I cant see it.Faith comes in every part of an adoption!

 We started the Dossier and I was hoping to be finished as soon as our home study was but it just never works out that way. I know its ridiculous to be so inpatient especially because its only been a month since we started but I have been waiting my whole life for this child God has for me! I have know since I was 5years I wanted to adopt and talked about it with my husband since we started dating 8 years ago. So it feels like its taking forever even when its officially only been 1 month. I cant imagine in 6 months how I am going to feel? And how I feel so incomplete with out this child already. I don't know if my child is born or if our baby is conceived yet but I love our baby no matter what. I keep thinking, is it a boy or a girl ? IS MY CHILD SAFE? I just want our baby to know there is a family waiting for him or her and cant wait to meet them and hold them. What I do know is I serve a God who loves me and who loves every Orphan! He knows my baby and how many hairs he/she has on its head. He knows I have longed for this for some time and that I have always felt I was created to be a mommy and to adopt from Africa. My GOD CARES and these children DO MATTER!! I serve a loving, gentle, fearless, strong, compassionate, God. He purposed in my heart long ago to take care of the Orphans and all my life my heart broken for these kids that are abandoned and parentless. I am so blessed I get to be apart of Gods calling to take care of an Orphan and show Christ love. I want to do more than just pray for them i want my life to count in all I do and put my actions where my mouth is.

Monday, February 27, 2012

More things to check off!!

     So Last week I did my physical and Jordan did his Live scan!We also finished our 10 hours of parenting training. Friday I picked up both of our test results for our physicals and Saturday was our second home visit with our social worker Joe! This coming week should be just as productive I hope!! We are supposed to get our first of two mailer packets for our Dossier. I have all the certificates needed for this so I am hoping that this will go fast just like our home study! We still have to have our Last visit for our home study and then have them approve us. I know God is in control and I know this is what the Lord has for our family. I also know many things can arise and is not always so easy so I keep praying for God to go before us and our family through this whole process. I cant wait to see what child God has created for our family!! So much to do still and so excited do do all the paper work as wired as that sounds ,but I know each paper I fill out and each thing I do it brings me closer to our baby!! If that's the part I play in bringing our child home then I am all for it!!!   Love Like Jesus!!!